(asking for support sample letter – dates updated for 2014)

Subject: Supporting a good cause.

Good Afternoon!

As all of you are aware, I am heavily involved in volunteering for my community youth group (Scouting / Cserkeszet). You have either supported us in the past, or have expressed an interest in supporting us during our Christmas fundraiser.
Briefly – we are selling gift cards at face value, with no expiration date, and a percentage of the amount bought is given to our organization via a company called Fundscrip. I am attaching a list of retailers that participate. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Orders are required by Friday, November 27th for hand delivery the week of December 8th (you can just send me an email with what you would like). Payment can be made when the cards are received.

Thank-you very much for your consideration! The funds raised will be used to cover our insurance (required when working with children), defray the cost of camps and outings, and purchase camping equipment/supplies. Please feel free to forward this to
anyone you think might be interested.



Good Afternoon!

As most of you are aware, I do a great deal of volunteering within my community youth group (scouting). We require funds to cover our insurance policy (a must when working with children), buy camping equipment, defray the cost of participating in camps and outings, and help those who cannot afford some of our programming.
Every month you spend hundreds of dollars for things like food, gas, clothing, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and electronics. There are always birthdays (last-minute invites) and special occasions to think about as well as Christmas – and how about those teacher gifts! All you have to do is pay for some of your purchases using Gift Cards bought at face value from us and a percentage of every card purchased is contributed to our fundraising effort. These gift cards come pre-loaded, are available in various denominations, have no expiration date, and if you don’t use the entire amount the balance remains on the card and can be used for future purchases.
For example, if you spend $300/month on groceries/pharmaceuticals (3%) and $200/month on gas (2%) then you would be donating approxiamtely $150 per year to our cause! This does not even include all those extras – clothing, electronics, entertainment, books, toys, or gifts! You can make a one-time purchase or it can be a regular occurrence (eg. monthly), any little bit helps.
Attached, please find the list of approx 100 vendors that support this cause. Thank you very much for your consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. If you would prefer not to get any reminders, or that I send them to a separate email address, just let me know.



(sample reminder letter – dates updated for 2014)

Hi Everyone!

A gentle reminder that if any of you are interested in making an order of Gift Cards to support Hungarian Co-ed Scouting (cserkeszet) the deadline of Friday, November 27th is fast approaching. I am resending you the list of retailers – if interested send me an email with your needs and I will hand-deliver the cards to you the week of December 8th, in plenty of time before Christmas! Any order, big or small, is appreciated! Also, please keep us in mind throughout the year for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Teacher Gifts, etc.

Take care,

Innen letölthető az “Order form”: http://ottawaimagyar.info/cserkeszek/penzgyujtesi-akciok/fundscrip/